HR UPDATE | December 8, 2017

Productivity in the Workplace and Social Media

Access to the internet and social media has become an ever-increasing aspect of our daily lives – both in and out of the office. Today, 2 out of 3 internet users have some form of social media account. So, with all of this access at your employees’ fingers, what does that mean for employers?

Since 2009, users have spent a collective 55 million years on Facebook. To put that in perspective, if U.S workers spent at least 20 minutes a day working for minimum wage ($7.25/hour) for that same amount of time, it equals $900 Billion in aggregate hypothetical labor last year. And, if all users replaced their 20 minutes of Facebook time with minimum wage work, they could buy Zuckerberg’s entire company two times per year.

Did you know?

  • 22% of all time spent online is spent on social networking.
  • In the U.S. alone, 12,207,423,487 collective hours are spent browsing on a social network every day.
  • 1 out of 10 workers spends more time on the internet than they do working.
  • 6 out of 10 people are visiting social media sites during work.
  • Workers are interrupted once every 5 minutes by things like tweets, IMs and Facebook.
  • It takes the average person 23 minutes to get back on track after checking a tweet or responding to a personal message on Facebook.

If you would like to learn more about how to protect your company from social media productivity loss, let us know! Susan E. Crocker, Inc. can give training presentations, make recommendations and help update your company handbook to include a comprehensive social media policy.

When Was the Last Time Your Employees Had Harassment-Free Workplace Training?

With the surge of harassment claims in the recent months, it’s important to keep your workplace a safe place and educate your employees on what a Harassment-Free Workplace means. Susan E. Crocker, Inc. has the knowledge and materials needed to provide this training for your work staff. If you would like schedule this for 2018, please let us know!

Important Changes from The SC Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW)

Did you know that SCDEW introduced a new online benefits system this year? The new system is the first revamp in 34 years, and gives employers a more comprehensive dashboard to respond to separations, receive charging information, respond to wage audits, view correspondence, file appeals, view benefit charges and more.

In addition to the new benefits system, DEW has introduced a new online tax system. This portal allows self-service maintenance with real-time information to view employer tax rate history, report wages, make payments and file an appeal.

Susan E. Crocker, Inc. can help you manage both new systems. Contact us today to find out how!

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